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Greek Nouns

Greek Cases are used for
NominativeSubject, Predicate Nominative
GenitivePossession ('s, of)
DativeIndirect Object (to, for, in, with)
AccusativeDirect Object



Case M F N
Nom Sg τό
Gen Sg tοῦ τῆς tοῦ
Dat Sg tῷ τῇ tῷ
Acc Sg tόν τήν τό
Nom Pl οἱ αἱ τά
Gen Pl τῶν τῶν τῶν
Dat Pl τοῖς ταῖς τοῖς
Acc Pl τούς τάς τά


  1st D. 2nd D. 2nd D. 3rd D. 3rd D.
Case M F N M/F N
Nom Sg ος η,α ον ς --
Gen Sg ου ης,ας ου ος ος
Dat Sg ῃ,ᾳ ι ι
Acc Sg ον ην,αν ον α --
Nom Pl οι αι α ες α
Gen Pl ων ων ων ων ων
Dat Pl οις αις οις σι(ν) σι(ν)
Acc Pl ους ας α ας α

To find the declension and gender of a given noun, examine the ending in the lexical form:

Case 1 (F) 2 (M) 2 (N) 3 (MF) 3 (N)
nom η,α ος ον cons. cons.
gen ης,ας ου ου ος ος